Online Dating Offer

A special offer for you!

Dearest Soulmates,

I beg of you, please please wait until you’ve completed ALL 7 modules of GYS before you even look at the rest of this page!

But, for those of you that have

I wanted to let you know that I’ve teamed up with online dating site E-Harmony to create a very special offer for those of you interested in getting out there and putting your new healthy dating habits into practice.

Interested? Keep reading to find out more…

As you’ll know if you’ve worked through Module 7, I’m kind of on the fence about dating apps.

It really depends on who and where you are in your romantic life as to how successful they’ll be for you.

Like social media, dating apps can definitely become addictive and be used as yet another tool to feel bad about yourself.

OR, they can simply be a handy way to connect with potential romantic partners (when you’re good and ready to, that is).

It’s all about the energy and intention that you bring to your interaction with them.

For those of you who’ve completed the GYS program, what I’m about to share with you may very well be the next right step for you in your love life.

Only you will know.

You may be aware that I’ve been writing and collaborating with online dating site E-Harmony for a good while now.

The reason I love E-Harmony so much is that they match people based on compatibility through an in-depth questionnaire (which helps keep the lazy sods away, I’m sure!)

Having been with Joe for over 3 years now, I know that our compatibility is one of the biggest reasons we have such a great relationship – and why it’s lasted this long.

So, if you feel like NOW is the time to get out there and start dating – and you only want to meet people you’re actually compatible with, then I have a wee opportunity for you:

E-Harmony have kindly created a special offer for my gorgeous clients to get their first 6 months for just £14.95 per month when they subscribe via THIS link.

If you’re still reading this, then my guess is that you’re probably interested in this offer – which is fantastic.

However, I really encourage you to spend a bit of time meditating and journaling around whether this is the right opportunity and the right time for you to experiment with online dating before going ahead.

Because, as I hope you know by now, what’s most important to me is that you strive to approach your romantic life from as healthy, conscious and intuitive a perspective as possible.

Which means slowing down and getting in tune with yourself, rather than making swift, impulsive decisions to try and get the relationship you want faster.


What misses you isn’t meant for you, and what’s meant for you will not miss you.

So please, gorgeous one, use this as an opportunity to get in touch with your highest self and listen to what she has to say about this.

I promise you, she already knows the answer 😉

Here’s the link again for those wanting to check it out <3

All my love,

Persia xxx