Accountability Sessions

I’ve done enough online courses to know that as great as many of them are, without that 1:1 support keeping you accountable, it’s all too easy to procrastinate or forget about doing the work all together.
I’m committed to making sure that anyone taking the GYS program has the opportunity to create the same great results my 1:1 love-coaching clients have experienced.
Which is why I’ve included the  Bonus Weekly Accountability Q + A Sessions to help give you an incentive (+ kick in the bum!) to actually get the work  done – because that’s the only way you’re going to see any real results, gorgeous one.
The live sessions are scheduled for:
Module 1 – Wednesday 29 th April 2020 @ 1pm
Module 2 – Wednesday 6 th May 2020 @ 1pm
Module 3 – Wednesday 13 th May @ 9am
Module 4 – Wednesday 20 th May @ 9am
* CATCH UP WEEK (No Q & A on week of the 25 th May)
Module 5 – Wednesday 3 rd June @ 1pm
Module 6 – Wednesday 10 th June @ 1pm
Module 7 – Wednesday 17 th June @ 1pm
* Please make sure you put all the above dates in to your diary.
More info on the Q + A sessions:
  • Please make sure you’ve completed all the weekly assignments for the topic we’ll be discussing in the session before the session starts – that way you’ll get much more out of the Q + A.
  • Can’t make a session Live? No worries, all sessions will remain inside the FB group, so you can watch back the replay whenever you like!
  • You can ask questions live during the session, or you’re welcome to send questions before the session starts to
  • If we need to make any changes to the date or time of one of the coaching sessions, you’ll be notified immediately via email – so make sure you keep an eye on your inbox.
All my love,
Persia xx